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Green Sky Project – Star in a Jar

Title : Green Sky Project - Star in a Jar
Release Date : October 24, 2013
Catalog ref. : YXO-03
Format : Digital Download

Green Sky Project:

Anton Apostolov : guitar (Bulgaria)

Naghmeh Farahmand : percussion (Iran)

Jacek Karlowski : tamboura (Poland)

Hasheel Lodhia : bansuri (India)

Green sky project brings together folk, classical and jazz traditions in one. They look to Balkan, Iranian and Indian traditional music as one of the primary sources of inspiration. In this regard, there is a focus on the additive/asymmetrical meters common in Bulgaria and the Balkans, as well as traditional melodic modes and typical melodic inflections. green sky project uses these traditional elements in a more contemporary manner that does compliment the style of the compositions in the music they perform. This project is a by-product of the Balkania Orchestra, which Anton Apostolov did put together in 2010 and was awarded two Canada Council grants for both writing and recording original compositions that drew from his Bulgarian roots and other forms of world music. green sky project is an open concept project where guest musicians can be involve and the music is very much open and fit in many styles and genre (world, jazz and folk).

Green Sky Project: Anton Apostolov, Naghmeh Farahmand, Jacek Karlowski, Hasheel Lodhia.

Music by: Anton Apostolov, except track #6 by Jacek Karlowski & track#5 by John McLaughlin
Executive Producer: Anton Apostolov
Co-Producer: David Tkaczuk
Sound, mix & master:at D&D Music, Toronto by David Tkaczuk
Design, Photography, Photo Collages by: Daria Beer