Star in a Jar 2013

Released in Canada. Recorded, mixed and mastered at D&D Music, Toronto.

Anton Apostolov with Green Sky Project. This project brings together folk, classical and jazz traditions in one. Multi-format Presentation Project: green sky project is a fresh, unique and highly innovative musical project spearheaded by Anton Apostolov.

Anton Apostolov: producer, composer, arranger, guitar and vocal
Jacek Karlowski- tamboura
Hasheel Lodhia- bansuri
Naghmeh Farahmand- percussion
SunJungPark- piano



Balkania After the Rain 2010

Anton Apostolov with Balkania Orchestra, released in Canada. This recording was made possible through the assistance of the Canada Music Fund and the Music Section of the Canada Council for the Arts.

“The music in Balkania After the Rain reflects my classical guitar background, my Bulgarian heritage, and my orientations as a performer and composer towards jazz and flamenco as well. In this album the listener will find a unique body of work that brings together classical, jazz and folk traditions. By doing this, I can contribute in a new way to the array of cross-cultural musical collaborations and exciting creative work that is occurring in Canada and the world today.
I look to Bulgarian folk music as one of my primary sources of inspiration. In this regard, there is a focus on the additive/asymmetrical meters common in Bulgaria and the Balkans, as well as traditional melodic modes and typical melodic inflections. I use these traditional elements in a more contemporary manner that did compliment the style of the compositions in this album. All the artists in this album are accomplished musicians and I am so lucky and blessed that they did contribute their talent in to this musical adventure of mine.”
Anton Apostolov


Anton Apostolov: producer, composer, arranger, guitar, tamboura; Valeri Dimchev: tamboura; Ganesh Vishwanath Tanwade: tabla; Vihren Paunov: bass; Ivo Paunov: flute; Hasheel Lodhia: bansuri; Ahmet Ilci: saz, vocal; Alberto Suarez: percusión; Irene Markoff: saz, vocal: Dimitre Atanasov: violin; Tzvetelina Bratanova: viola; Rosi Atanasova: violin; Bashkim Jaupi: cello.

Guest musicians:

Nedyalko Nedyalkov: kaval; Stoyan Yankulov: tupan; Spass Rizov: kaval; Colin Maier: oboe; Ivan Tsonkov: tupan; Luchezar Stamatov: kaval; Ivailo Romanov (Peleto): tupan, tarambuka, Anna Antropova: viola; Mia Cioffi: vocal; Ekaterina Popova: vocal.

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Straight from the Heart 2008

Canadian National Indian Orchestra, released in Canada ,Anton Apostolov: flamenco guitar, Ramesh Maraj: soprano, alto and tenor saxophone and flute, Ranjan Ramdass: tabla, congas, percussion, Shivo Mohabir: dholak and tabla, David Tkaczuk: piano and keyboard.


Special Delivery 2007

Afrodisiac, released in Canada. Recorded by Anton Apostolov: co-producer, guitar and tamboura, Ivo Paunov: kaval, flute and saxophone, Vihren Paunov: bass, Darek Kobylartz: drums and percussion.

The Bulgarian Tambura 2001

Valeri Dimchev Trio.  Released in USA by  American Recording Productions . Valeri Dimchev – tamboura; Desislava Dimcheva – vocal; Anton Apostolov – acoustic guitar;  Drago Dimov (guest) – tarambuka .Recorded, mixed, mastered at Acoustic studio. The constant search of new ideas,styles and experiments shapes the image of the trio. What characterizes the music of this trio, is the link with the intonation and rhythmic traditions of Bulgarian folklore.

Sooner…Later… 2001

Released by Volatile Records, Canada . Recorded, mixed, mastered at Acoustic studio.

Valeri Dimchev – tamboura, synth guitar; Desislava Dimcheva – vocal; Anton Apostolov – acoustic guitar

“Sooner…Later… contains 15 compositions written by V. Dimchev,  Desislava Dimcheva, A. Apostolov. “You may ask yourself why a label that  exclusively has put out free improvised music would put out what  is in essence “World music”? I decided to work with “Valeri  Dimchev Trio”, because I heard something that transcended  regionalism. Along with the obvious stunning musicianship, their  music seamlessly incorporates traditional Bulgarian folk music  with jazz improvisation and incredible amount of blues. By  utilizing all the above elements they are definitely taking it “to the  next level”.  Vadim Budman, Volatile Records


The Face of the Silent One 1992

Anton Apostolov: guitar, Valeri Dimchev: tamboura, with Enekk, a Faroe folk band.

Recording results from the Faroe Islands project. The music was in the top ten of Scandinavia that year. The band was nominated for the Music Award of Nordic Council, which one of the Largest Scandinavian music awards.


The Tamboura 1992

Acoustic Trio. Akystik Records. Valeri Dimchev: tamboura, Anton Apostolov: guitar, Drago Dimov: drums. Acoustic Bulgarian folk with elements of jazz.

Return Ticket 1991.

Valeri Dimchev Quartet. Lazarov Records

Valeri Dimchev, midi guitar, Anton Apostolov: guitar, Spass Rizov: kaval, Drago Dimov: drums.

Bulgarian folk with elements of jazz. The Valeri Dimchev Quartet was nominated to participate among six Young Jazz Groups from all the European countries at the Jazz Competition Festival, Karlovi Vari, Czech Republic 1992.