2013: George Ignatieff Theatre, Toronto

Debut concert with Green Sky Project. Anton’s new project brings together folk, classical and jazz traditions in one. This project is a by-product of the Balkania Orchestra, which Anton Apostolov assembled in 2010 and was awarded two Canada Council grants for both writing and recording original compositions that drew from his Bulgarian roots and other forms of world music. green sky project is an open concept project where guest musicians can be involve and the music is very much open and fit in many styles and genre (world, jazz and folk).

2012: Metro Convention Center, Toronto:

Performed with the Iranian Pop Star Maziyar Fallahi.

2012: Bulgarian Art Festival

Performance with Theodosii Spassov- kaval and Naghmeh Farahmand- percussion

2011: Bulgarian Art Festival

Collaboration with Stoyan Yankulov, Alexander and Konstantin Wladigerov.

2011: Isabel Bader Theatre

Collaboration with Erdal Akaya- baglama (Turkey), Ahmet Ihvani- baglama, vocal (Turkey).
Anton Apostolov- guitar.

2009-2012: Balkania Orchestra

Anton formed this ensemble for recording the album Balkania After the Rain. The group is still active and perform regularly. Balkania Orchestra did successful concerts at the Glenn Gould Studio, CBC Toronto and George Ignatieff Theatre, Toronto.

2007-2012: Canadian Indian National Orchestra

Performing East and West Indian classical and Bollywood music in Canada and Trinidad and Tobago.

2005-06: Mayaro

Anton performs with a multicultural band that mixes Caribbean and Latin Jazz. The musicians come from diverse cultural roots – Bulgaria, Romania, Trinidad & Tobago, Goa and Cuba.
Performers: Anton Apostolov: acoustic guitar, Ivo Paunov: flute and sax, Vihren Paunov: bass, Muhtadi: percussion, Alberto Suarez: percussion, Sheldon De Souza: drums, Joel Ali: vocal and guitar, Cornel Esanu: keyboards.

2004: The Caribbean Project

Performed with Dennis De Souza, renowned Caribbean pianist, Muhtadi, percussionist, Iain Green, drums, Bruce Skirret, keyboard. They explore the versatility of Latin and Caribbean music.

2001: Western Canada Tour.

The Valeri Dimchev Trio was invited to the West Coast of Canada where they participated in the Edmonton International Jazz Festival, South Country Fair, Alberta, North Country Fair, Alberta, and the ICA Folk Festival in Victoria, BC. Featured the new recording, Sooner… Later…




Performances with musicians Johnny Andrews and the Eddie Morgan Trio.


Participates in Cape May International Jazz Festival in Cape May, New Jersey.


Guest musician with Say Nelson, bass player, in creating the album This Journey released by Cyrus Records, Northfield, NJ, US.


Regular guest on radio program, The Jazz Showcase, Stockton College, New Jersey led by Dr. Jay Glover.



1994: France Tour


East-West Festival, Die, France 1994

Acoustic Trio performed together with Mario Stanchev, piano (Director of Lion’s Music Conservatory), Simeon Shterev: flute, Anton Apostolov: classical guitar, Valeri Dimchev: tamboura, Drago Dimchev: percussion, Gilles Lachenal: doublebass, Jacques Helmus: saxaphone. The Acoustic Trio frequently participated in traditional Bulgarian folk and jazz festivals and television programs.

1992: Jazz Competition Festival , Karlovi Vari, Czech Republic.

The Valeri Dimchev Quartet was nominated to participate at the Festival among six young jazz groups from all the European countries at the.
Performances featured new recording, Return Ticket.

1992: Faroe Islands Project

In 1992 Anton and Valeri Dimchev were invited from the Faroese Folk Music Association in the Faroe Islands for a tour. They recorded The Face of the Silent One together with Enekk, a Faroe folk band. The band was nominated for the Music Award of Nordic Council, an important Scandinavian music award.