“Anton Apostolov perfectly balances a distinct blend of cultural influences and players to create a ‘no borders, no boundaries’ approach to music creation and performance.”

 Reginald Tiessen
Producer at HawkMedia  



I have known Anton for over 10 years and during that time have had ample opportunity to acknowledge his abilities as a virtuoso guitarist and an innovative composer. Although he was trained as a classical guitarist, Anton is equally as proficient performing in the idioms of jazz and Bulgarian traditional music as well.

This diversity of interests and expertise give him an advantage in approaching the art of improvisation and composition with a unique style that has continues to draw great interest and admiration in Europe and more recently in the United States and Canada.

As a scholar and performer of Balkan music, I can attest to the tasteful and creative means by which Anton integrates Balkan asymmetric rhythms and modal features into his compositions.”

Irene Markoff, PhD
Department of Music
York University, Toronto



A gifted guitarist and adventurous composer, Anton’s ability to organically combine the complex rhythmical structures of his native Bulgarian folk music with diverse jazz and global music influences makes for a unique and involving musical experience. His Green Sky Project  brings together a variety of styles from Balkan folk to jazz and classical to create a lush sound that transports the listener.”

Alan Davis,
Executive Director
Small World Music Society, Toronto